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Even if you feel well, you should still see your provider for regular checkups. These visits can help you avoid problems in the future. For example, the only way to find out if you have high blood pressure is to have it checked regularly. High blood sugar and high cholesterol level also may not have any symptoms in the early stages. Simple blood tests can check for these conditions.

Men are less likely than women to get routine physical exams and screenings. A survey by the American Academy of Family Physicians found that 55% of men surveyed had not seen their doctor for a physical exam in the previous year, even though 40% of them had at least one chronic condition. 

Nearly one-fifth of men ages 55 and over said they had never undergone screening for colon cancer, and almost 30% said they “wait as long as possible” to seek medical attention when they are feeling sick or in pain.

Screening means testing for diseases and conditions that may not yet be causing symptoms. If you already have a disease or condition, more frequent testing may be required. 

Services We Offer

At Celebration Family Physicians we aim to empower you with the knowledge necessary to promoting a lifetime of health and wellness.  We strive to make sure you are comfortable and well informed.

Our services include physical exams, in-house lab testing, vaccinations, testosterone testing and injections if needed, erectile dysfunction treatment, and discussions on lifestyle

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