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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays and Practicing Safety

Happy Holidays Everyone!  We wish you a warm and cozy Christmas!  For many of us, this is a special and favorite time of year.  Even though it has been a challenging year, we have so much to be grateful for.


Our holiday celebrations might look a little different this year.  The safest way to celebrate is at home with the people you live with and avoiding large gatherings.  If you are hosting or attending a small gathering with family and friends, consider some of these suggestions to reduce the transmission of COVID-19:

  • Celebrate virtually
  • Keep the celebration within your household
  • Limit the number of guests
  • Avoid direct contact (i.e. handshaking, hugs) from different households
  • Ask guests to avoid contact with people outside of their household at least 14 days before the gathering
  • Host the gathering outdoors (avoid indoor or poorly ventilated spaces); if indoors, open windows and doors weather permitting
  • Shorten the duration of the gathering; a cumulative total exposure of 15 minutes or greater increases the risk of transmission
  • Practice social distancing (at least 6 feet apart)
  • Wear masks when not eating or drinking
  • Frequent handwashing for at least 20 seconds, especially after eating
  • Have hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol readily available
  • Clean and disinfect commonly touched surfaces
  • Stock your bathroom with soap and single use towels
  • Limit commonly touched surfaces like serving utensils; consider one person to serve food and/or individually packaged items
  • Offer no-touch trash cans
  • Avoid letting pets interact with guests outside of the household
  • Avoid gatherings in communities with a high or increasing levels of COVID-19
  • Consider the location of where guests are traveling from  as well as the mode of travel (i.e. flying) that may increase the risk of transmission
  • Do not host or attend gatherings if anyone in the household has symptoms of COVID-19, may have been exposed to someone with COVID-19 in the last 14 days, waiting for results, older or immunocompromised, or diagnosed with COVID-19 and has not completed their quarantine period (usually between 10 to 20 days from when symptoms first appeared)

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